Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Make art with shapes

We had my cricut machine out the other day and was cutting out shapes and having fun. So today we explored and made a truck with shapes. I had J play with the shapes and asked him if he puts them together could he make something.

Then he placed them together and was so happy Mom, "look I can make a truck." So we then glues them on the paper after exploring.

All you need is different shapes, this is a fun project to do for learning shapes and colors.

Different shapes
Glue or tape

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  1. Oh this is awesome. I'm pinning and going to do with my three year old this week. He will be so excited. Thanks for sharing with The Sunday Showcase. I'll be featuring this tomorrow!

    1. Thanks!! My son loved doing this. We are going to do another one this week.


  2. If you're American, soccer probably isn't your cuppa tea.


  3. First of all, at all times I used the soccer teams themselves as a starting point.