Saturday, March 31, 2012

Make your own Easter basket

Well I saw this thing in a magazine several years ago and thought that is cute. The took a recycled container and made a pen/marker hold out of it but it looked like a basket. So I have been recycling my daughter's formula containers waiting to come up with something and I did.

I made the kids an Easter basket out of them. Easy as 1,2,3. Poked 2 holes on the side of the container with scissors, then placed the color pipe cleaner in them as the handle, then got colored paper and cute it to the size (had to use 2 sheets to wrap all the way around). Glued then used stickers to decorate.

Fun easy and cheap. I had all the materials on hand so cost me those projects.
Can before covered, can covered, and then stickers son wanted Pirates.

2 side views and the back

Monday, March 26, 2012

Car Painting

                     C is for Car Painting

Today we did the letter "C" so I had J pick out a car he wanted to use and we painted with it. It is fun when you have a car that has tire tracks and it makes a neat design on the paper. Simple and fun.

Toy car
Letter C or you can just write it
pan, plastic lid....whatever you want to use to move it back and forth

J said Mom this is cool....too cute!!

J was having a blast

Left a pretty cool design

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Alphabet Bath Learning

We have been working on the sight of the Alphabet with my 3 yr old, so tonight at bath I thought hey he will think he is having fun in the tub instead of learning. So I made a game with the foam letter. Then when I would pick a letter up I would say where does the blank go and he would say the letter and match it up. We did upper and lower case. I got these foam pieces from the Dollar Tree.

It's funny cause lately with learning the sight of the alphabet he will tell you the wrong letter on purpose to get us going trying to stop the game we make up with him. The other night he told my husband, Daddy I just want to play I am too small to learn. Have to give it to him he is a silly little cookie.

He loved the game and did good. Still have to work on 5 of them but he did suprise me that he knew as many as he did.

M is for Mommy......J said

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Alphabet soup in the bath

We have been working on learning the sight of the alphabets with my 3 yr old son. We are always pretend cooking in the bath so I thought hey lets put the crab letters in the bath and make crab alphabet soup. Well it was so cute he said, "Mom that is just the best idea." So it worked again making the learning fun. He is always keeping me on my toes. If he thinks he is learning watch out. Too funny!!

I would say I need the letter....for the soup and have J get it for the pot.

Using bath paint as the sauce.

Then we would spell some words.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stacking fun

We went to a friends house why we were on vacation in Fl, they had these blocks and my son had a blast with them. Will have to get some when we get home.

On vacation and the learning never stops. Told him "S" is for stacking. Them on top of that was working on skills, that is balance skills. All about making it fun and leaning at the same time.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lava Lamp

Today we made a cool Lava Lamp. Simple and fun all at the same time.

Plastic bottle....water bottle.
Veg. Oil
Food coloring
Alka Seltzer

How to:
Pour Oil in first we used about 2 cups, then pour water we used about 1 want more oil than water. Then food coloring, maybe 3-4 drops.....Jake went alittle color happy. Then cut or brake Alka Seltzer in to 4-5 pieces and drop in and watch the lava rise. Jake thought this was too cool.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun with the Letter S

While on vacation we went to Sea World....well it worked out great cause we did lots of things that had to do with the learning of the letter S.

Sea World
See Sting rays
See Sharks....feed the sharks shrimp
Splash Pad
Shamu Show

Kiddo's with Shamu

J feeding the sharks and the string rays

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fun idea to decorate chalkboard

I found this bargain chalkboard at a second hand store ($2.90) and thought hey that would be great to have J practice writing, one side was chalkboard and other side was dry erase. So I got out the stickers and had J help decorate. He thought that was the coolest thing mom letting him help, like he was doing something new. Kids are too funny sometimes. Simple, easy and they are learning why doing.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bottle Blowing Balloon

            B is for Bottle Blowing Balloon

My son is so into the whole Science thing, it is fun!! When he wakes up in the morning first thing he says is Mommy, what kind of trick are we going to do today. It's too cute. I found this in a kid science book at the learning store.

Fun easy NOT a big mess!!!

Plastic bottle....bigger the better we found out.
Vinegar....about a cup or so not too much
Baking soda
Balloon...we used 8 inch, pack from Dollar Tree
Funnel............if you let the kids do the pooring

How to:
Fill bottle up with vinegar, then fill the balloon up with baking soda. I(adult) placed the balloon on the  bottle, then let J hold it up to have the baking soda drop in the bottle.

The gas from the vinegar and baking soad mixing cause the balloon to blow-up.

Adding baking soda to balloon

Pouring vinegar in bottle

Showing you how I placed the balloon on, then let him lift it.

Blowing up

J thought this was too cool we did this 3 times

Then he played alittle pouring it back and forth

"B" is for Balloon

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY............Word blocks

We love playing the game Jenga and the kids love to knock down when mommy/daddy are playing. So couple weeks ago I ran into the Family Dollar to get some learning things and came across this $5.00 box that was like Jenga.(Can't get a kids game for that inexpensive)
So I got 1 box and thought hey I can let the kids play when we are playing. To add alittle learning to it I wrote site works on them.
The kids love them and have been having a blast playing with them.

Jenga or like Jenga game
Sharpie marker

J slid down the slide but didn't knock it down.

Sissy getting ready to knock it down

J saying Sissy no

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun at the Playseum

Well today was just a fun day to enjoy time with our friends. We went to a place called Playseum and the kids love it. I keep telling my husband one day I will have one of these places.

It's a play place for the kids, but the lady has several different rooms all set up with different themes....example: grocery store, craft room, pizza room, pet shop, dress-up, construction with sand box and bakery.

J getting fruit in the pretend grocery store

Checking out at the grocery

Construction Time

Cooking pretend pizza

Sand fun

I want to make something

All ready to make their Ice cream Sundae

Kiddos waiting for their Ice Cream

J was happy.....hard to tell

C was so proud of her treat