Friday, August 10, 2012

Texture block painting

The kids love to paint so tonight J wanted to do a painting project. I took out the foam blocks and set up some washable paints.

We painted with different texture foam blocks on paper. Then J wanted to build with them on the paper.

Was a fun little project. Then I cut out a section of the painting and framed it to place in the play room for decorations.

Right before bed.....can you tell "C" is tired?

J started building with the blocks.

 Then we put all the blocks in the sensory bin, filled it up with bubbles and water.....wash, wash, wash.

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  1. Great idea! Where did you get the foam blocks?

    1. I got them from a thrift store, but you can order them online at They are great for painting, building and playing.

      Thanks for stopping by.