Monday, April 30, 2012

Day at the Zoo

We went out with the mommy's group for a fun day at the Reston Zoo. It was my daughters first time at the Zoo and she had me laughing.

Well we can say she is not scared of the animals like her brother is. She feed them all and even tried to pet the buffalo when it came up to us on the tractor ride. 19 months and not fears.

J loved the turtles

Feeding the chickens

J thought it was so cool the turtles had a tunnel.

Feeding the lambs

Big goat.....she was crazy loved all the animals

BIG snake good thing there was glass there

Yes on the tractor ride we were this close to the animals. C tried to pet the buffalo

Yes he is that close to use when we were on the tractor ride

J was the happiest boy on the this little boy


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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Strawberry Fun

Well the season came alittle early and can't say it was the best day to pick strawberries but we had fun. Was 52 degrees outside.....crazy and then the next day was 75 degrees. So ready for this weather to make up its mind.

But we got some great strawberries ans made some yummmmy cupcakes with some of them.

Yummy strawberry cupcakes

J's favorite part to baking is licking the cake batter

Friday, April 27, 2012

Water Taxi family fun

We took the kids on a Water Taxi from Virginia to Maryland on the Potomac River to visit National Harbor. They had a blast. Thanks to a friend of our's Go Kid Yourself that told us about this.

We had a blast, took the water taxi, got to see different boats, airplanes flying over to land at Reagan Airport, couple helicopters, play in the sand at the National Harbor, and then we stopped for cupcakes(kids loved that).

If you are in the area of DC this is a fun thing to do with the kids.

Kids watching the water taxi pull into the dock

C giving the man her ticket to board the boat

Cupcake time

My favorite part......J took the shovel and said mom look I am brushing his teeth. The things a 3 yr old says.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Water fight

Tonight we were playing with the crab letters in the bath and started squirting them. Well lets say the kids got mommy alittle wet, but we had fun. Nothing that couldn't be cleaned up.
Watch out I am going to squirt you
C looking at J like come on squirt me I dare this

This is what we had......FUN

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bucket and a rope

Make your own pully using a bucket and rope. Great to get kids moving and using their eye/hand coordination, along with fine motor skills .

Got one of his buckets, rope and the parachute bunny and we went up to hill in our front yard. He had a blast. Jake filled the bucket up with blocks and rocks and little toys and would pull it up and down on the top of the hill.

Rope and bucket

Up the bucket goes

Look I got it mom

Parachute landing