Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 themed Easter Egg Hunt ideas for kids

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, I love all the pastel colors. One of my favorite memories besides always getting a new dress was the Easter Egg Hunt. 

We did several different themed egg hunts, so below I put together a list some are from when I was a kid and some are new ones I can't wait to do with my kids.

1. Alphabet Egg Hunt:
Write the upper and lower case letter on the eggs and then hide mix matched eggs and see who has the most matches after the eggs are found.
Example: place A and g together and see if they find the lower case a and upper case G.

2. Inside Egg Hunt:
Hide eggs in the house and the kids find them.

This was one of the best memories I had at Easter when I was a kid my brother and I finding Easter eggs hidden in the house Easter morning.

3. Night time Egg Hunt:
Kids need to have adults with them and do it in a safe place. Grab a flash light and go on a hunt to find the eggs under the moon and stars. Place glow sticks in the eggs

4. Treasure Egg Hunt:
Decorate the area like you are on an island and make a treasure map then let the kids go and find treasure. You can hide coins and dollars in the eggs. Dollar Tree has fun tropical decorations for this event.

5. Hide the Easter basket Egg Hunt:
Hide the kids Easter basket and set clues in the eggs for them to find the basket.

6. Secret Egg Hunt:
Place messages in the eggs for big prizes. Examples like trip to ice cream shop, play putt putt golf, go bowling and favorite place to eat.

7. Name Egg Hunt:
Write the kids names on the eggs and who ever finds their name first wins a special prize.

8. Math Egg Hunt:
Place numbers in each egg and the person with the highest number after adding them all up wins an extra little prize.

9. Easter Egg Bath Hunt:
Place plastics grass in the bath tub and eggs under it with toys and have them find all the eggs in the bath or this year we hide the eggs under bubbles and that was a BIG hit cause my kids really didn't like the feel of  the plastic grass last year.

10. Golden and Sliver Egg Hunt:
Place a golden and a silver egg in a hard to find spot with money in it.

We did this as kids at my Nana's house and it was so much fun.

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  1. We have done some of these in the past, but I just love the treasure hunt idea and the math one. My boys are getting bigger now and can do the adding themselves :) Thanks for the great ideas! Pinned :) ~Tina @ Mamas Like Me

    1. We did the alphabet on in the bath the other night and the kids had a blast. My son is doing adding to so it will be fun to that one as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and pinning. :-)

  2. Where do you get glow sticks small enough to put into the eggs?

    1. Hello Pam, You can get them at the Dollar Tree or anywhere that sells the bracelet. They will fit in the medium size eggs. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for sharing these ideas, Catherine. My kids are fond of doing fun activities like this; the first time I tried to arrange a scavenger hunt for them was a failure. Maybe I’ll try out the evening egg hunt you suggested. That’ll give them that extra difficulty of completing the task, and at the same time, have a good bonding experience.

    Rosalinda Hone

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  5. I like this post. There many things to do for easter egg hunt activities.Decorate the house and yard where you're holding the party with lots of pastel-colored helium balloons, streamers, and paper cutouts of eggs, rabbits, and carrots.

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  6. Thanks for sharing these beautiful and clever easter egg hunt ideas. I will definitely use some of them this coming Easter.

    Happy Easter!
    Shabby xxx
    Easter crafts for kids

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