Monday, August 20, 2012

Exploring colors sensory play

Today J said , "Mom I want to do a project, like color mixing."  I needed to make some ice cube for some ice play they like to do during the week when it is hot. So he helped.

I took out water, food coloring, and we added some of the snow cone flavor as well, cause J wanted them to taste good if he wanted to eat too funny.

Who would have thought that this could entertain a kid for 45 min. He used the syringe and the dropper(great for fine motor skills). Mixed colors together, then added some flavor. It was like he had his own little experiment shop going on.

After he was done we placed in the freezer and let them freeze during nap time.

No only is this a great fine motor and eye/hand coordination project for kids, but also great for learning color mixture.

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  1. Great post! My boys do water transfer often with a syringe and ice cube tray, but we haven't combined it with color mixing. I'm going to tomorrow, thanks for the idea. :)