Thursday, July 19, 2012

45 fun things you can do with food coloring

We love to paint, explore, cook and have fun with food coloring. There is so much you can do that is simple, but fun at the same time with the kids.

Below you will fine 45 fun ways to have fun with food coloring. We have done some of them and are looking forward to doing the ones we haven't.

Please check out all the wonderful blogs listed below, there are some fun and creative things to do to keep the kiddo's busy.

The cool thing is that some are the same project but done a different way. Hope you enjoy!!

DYI.....scented glitter for fun crafts with the kids. A must try!!

(Mama Miss)
Science experiment
What a great way to use fine motor skills when doing science with little ones.

(Train Up a Child) 

Now this looks like alot of fun

(Reading Confetti) 

Love this idea, great science project to do with
preschoolers when teaching about weather.

(Mama Miss) 

I love this puff paint drawings.....what a great and fun way to do art with kids. Plus helps with fine motor skills when squeezing the bottle.

(My Buddies and I)

Colored baking soda and vinegar fun!!

(The Chocolate Muffin Tree)

What a cool idea, change the color of a flower with food coloring and water.

(Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog tails)

Colored ice cube bath chase. Keep them busy in the bath.

(Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog tails) 

What a great way to be festive with pasta!!

(Mama Smiles)

This is a fun sensory play for kids. Colored Rice.

(Creative Connections For Kids)

Love all the bright colors used for this project.

(The Chocolate Muffin Tree)

We are so doing this at Christmas time, what a great idea.

(Train Up a Child)

(Mama Smiles)

(Learning with Play)

This is a great way to help your child with Fine Motor Skills

(Train up a Child)

Fun art....glue, salt and colored water.

(Mama Miss)

Coloring food
Wow!! Creative little rice krispie treat for the kiddos. Love this!!

(A Little Learning for Two)

This is a cute set up, we love to play pretend cooking out side.

(The Chocolate Muffin Tree)

Love the way these turned out, we paint with
colored shaving cream but never did it on paper.

(Nurture Store)

I bet these are yummy. Going to have to try this
we like to bake.

(Train Up a Child) 

Check out the fun with Mixology 101 science

(Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dogtails) 

Love how recycled bottles were used to have fun with.
Check out what they did and how they had fun.

(Train up a child) 

Love this idea, building with ice cubes, what great fun
for one of those HOT summer days.

(Mama Miss)
Now this is very creative, what a great keepsake from your kids.
Another must do.

(Rainy Day Mum) 

Love this creative ocean sensory play, this is
a must try project the kids would love.


What another great way to play with play dough.

(Mama Miss)

This looks so good I could eat it.  How fun would this be to make with the kids and play.
So have to try this.

(A Little Learning for Two)

This looks like a great science project to do, going to be trying this one.

(At home with Ali)

This is another one of my great idea, my son will love doing this.

(Mama Smiles)

This is clever, going to have to do this with my daughter
she likes to put everything in her mouth.

(Make do and  Friend)

Goop a must try sensory play

(Learn with Play)

What a fun why to explore colors and even see what colors
you get when the colors run together.

(Inspiration Laboratories)

Want to recycled your food coloring after your done coloring eggs
click about to see what you need to do.

After looking thru all these fun ways to explore and have fun with food coloring, would love for you share which ones were your favorites.

We also have some fun ways to explore with Kool-aid be sure to check that out as well.

Thanks for stopping by to see what fun stuff we are doing. Be sure to come follow us on


  1. This is a fabulous round up! Well done momma :)

  2. What an incredible list! Thanks for including our clouds in a jar!

  3. I love the photo you used for the title. So many great ideas with such simple and cheap household staples. This is my kind of fun! Great post. I really appreciate you including some of our ideas.

  4. Fabulous list and thanks for including our little weir.

  5. What a wonderful round up! I love all the great ideas!

  6. love this, thanks for adding some of our fun! Going to share it on fb and G+ it already:-) FSPDT

  7. Love this!

    As a kid, during the winter we would fill spray bottles with water food coloring and go out into the snow and use the spray to draw giant pictures and stuff :) Food coloring is such an great way to bring in creativity :)

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  9. Lovely post with lovely collection... thanks for sharing.
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  10. I tried using food coloring in an activity before and my 4-year-old's hands were stained the rest of the day. Am I using the wrong kind? (Stupid question of the day! lol)

    1. We use kool-aid packets in place of food coloring now I have lots of post using kool-aid. One it is cheaper and two it comes off after a couple times of washing. Hoep this helps. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  16. There is so much you can do that is simple, but fun at the same time with the kids.

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  28. These are really good food coloring ideas! My kids would love several of these. I've been trying to make dinner fun for them. If it's okay I can share some food riddles we do at the dinner table: Food Riddles