Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glowing salt sand

We saw this glow in the dark Crayola set at the store the other day and "J" wanted to get it, it was on clearance for $4.00 so I said ok we can try it.

So we took out the set and it didn't work and he was so upset. So Mom had to think of something quick to get the 4 yr old from crying, he was so upset.

So I grabbed the highlighters from the craft area and mixed a couple drops with salt. WOW!! Mom got it to work and we had glowing sand under the black light.

Thanks to Train up a Child for the tip that highlighters is how you make glowing stuff under the black light.

Had to laugh "J" said, "mom you are the bomb, you did magic." Gotta love kids and the things they come up with.

Highlighters(Yellow, Orange, and Pink work the best)

Very inexpensive $.40 for 26oz of salt and $1.00 for pack of 3 markers at Dollar store. I got my highlighters at Office Depot this week, on sale for $.50 for 3 markers.

Easy to make: Pour salt in a container then take inside of highlight out of the marker. I got it alittle wet then squeezed to get couple drops on the salt and mixed it up. if you have neon paints you can mix them in instead of a highlighter if you want to color more vibrant.

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If you like the glow in the dark stuff make sure you check out  Train up a child  they have really cool stuff.

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  1. Too cool! What a bummer that the store bought version didn't work. That's lame. Yours is awesome. :)

    1. Thanks!! I know my son was so upset. When it was on clearence I had that feeling...lol, but thought I would try it. Just glad the light clicked in my head.

  2. Very cool! Have to try this at night!!

  3. Not to freak you out, but the UV radiation from black lights can cause cataracts to form on their delicate little lenses.