Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 fun and easy kid science play for 2012

We love doing science related play around our house, what boy wouldn't right. So I looked back on our post for the year and gathered our most loved science play for kids.

Below you will find a picture and then a link below.

Hope you and your little one(s) have as much fun as we did doing these fun and easy science play.

45 things to do with food coloring

Scented slime time

Bottle blowing balloon

DIY...Lava lamp

Glow in the dark lantern

Sink,float,freeze, and melt science

DIY....volcano play

  Thanks for stopping by to see what fun stuff we are doing. If you like what you see please come and follow us over on FB and Pinterest, would love to have you. Also, please feel free to share the fun things you are doing with us.


  1. These look like so much fun! I think I will try making a lava lamp with my son this week.

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