Friday, March 9, 2012

Bottle Blowing Balloon

            B is for Bottle Blowing Balloon

My son is so into the whole Science thing, it is fun!! When he wakes up in the morning first thing he says is Mommy, what kind of trick are we going to do today. It's too cute. I found this in a kid science book at the learning store.

Fun easy NOT a big mess!!!

Plastic bottle....bigger the better we found out.
Vinegar....about a cup or so not too much
Baking soda
Balloon...we used 8 inch, pack from Dollar Tree
Funnel............if you let the kids do the pooring

How to:
Fill bottle up with vinegar, then fill the balloon up with baking soda. I(adult) placed the balloon on the  bottle, then let J hold it up to have the baking soda drop in the bottle.

The gas from the vinegar and baking soad mixing cause the balloon to blow-up.

Adding baking soda to balloon

Pouring vinegar in bottle

Showing you how I placed the balloon on, then let him lift it.

Blowing up

J thought this was too cool we did this 3 times

Then he played alittle pouring it back and forth

"B" is for Balloon

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