Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun Science with coke

J is so into all this fun Science stuff. The other day I was in the craft store A.C. Moore and they wanted $7.99 for a pack of mentos with string connected to this plastic top to make a Science project, so I read the back on how to do it. Bought the stuff a lot cheaper then what they wanted for it. Make sure you do this outside!!!

Coke in a plastic bottle (2 liter) can use generic brand it works as well.
Mentos pack
String...we used it in the picture but you don't have to can just drop mentos in the soda

How to:
We ties the mentos to the sting, but then did it again later cause my son LOVED this and just dropped the 3 mentos in the coke and watch out cause it will go very high.

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