Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Scented Salt dough garland

Make your own scented salt dough garland.  We have made salt dough ornaments for several years, this is how I have done my kids handprint keepsakes when they were both born.

This year I have loved all the fun things we have done with Kool-Aid  over the summer and couldn't wait for the holiday season to get here to start using all the Christmas scents. So the other night I was making the salt dough recipe to make our yearly ornaments and added Peppermint extract.

WOW, the smell is great. Then we painted them with peppermint paint for them to have a stronger smell. (Just add alittle dab of peppermint extract to the tempera paint and you have a fun scented paint)

3 cups of flour
3 cups of salt
2 cups of water
2tsp of peppermint extract or you can add extra for a stronger smell
Paint(whatever colors you want)
Pipe cleaner....we used Craft products sold in Wal-Mart

*This mix above will make 20 or more ornaments depending on how thick you make them*

Once it is mixed together you want it to be like play dough, so sometimes you have to just mix more water or flour. Depends if it is dry or wet when you first mix it.

Then roll out, cut your shapes out with cookie cutter, then you can bake, air dry or place in the microwave.

Make sure you use a straw or something to put a hole in the top for you to hang them or you can always make magnets out of them as well.

We tried the microwave method I saw over at Rainy Day Mum and it worked great!! You could paint after they dried.

I use to air dry them cause I didn't like baking them and having to wait several hours and not always turning out right.

"J" loved painting the snowman and snowflakes, then stringing them.

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  1. I love that it is scented! We made salt dough ornaments this week too! Wish I'd seen this sooner! :) Thanks for sharing this week on The Sunday Showcase!