Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recycled Reindeer bulb ornament

Another fun way to use the burned out light bulb instead of throwing it away. Make your own reindeer ornament.

This craft is fun and neat to see hanging on the tree.

Light bulb
Black pipe cleaners (3)
Acrylic paint (brown, red and black)
Glue gun
Mod Podge to seal the paint on

To make it follow these steps:
Paint the light bulb brown first, then once it is dry glue the black pipe cleaner around the top using the glue gun, then paint the face and you are done.

*Older kids can help but just make sure you are watching them with the glue gun.

You can have the little one(s) paint the reindeer and face, you help with the pipe cleaner and glue gun.

We love making ornaments and adding to our collection each year, here are some other fun ornaments we have made this  year. Scented reindeer family ornaments, Scented salt dough garland ornaments and Recycled light bulb snowman

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