Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Disney Magical Christmas fun bath

What kid doesn't like Mickey and Minnie Mouse? November we took the kids to Disney when visiting family in Fl. They had a blast.

"C" is in love with Minnie Mouse and all the Princess charcters. So the other day I was Christmas shopping and saw cute Christmas window clings in Walgreens and Dollar Tree had some as well, so I picked them they were $1.50.

So I placed them all around the bath tub, places some Disney toys in the tub. Filled up the tub with lots of bubbles colored them red and green for Christmas. Then added some colored shaving cream for painting if they wanted to paint on the tile.

Simple, fun and magical. It's the little things that you do for your kids that make the BIG difference in their life.

This fun bath just took a few minutes to put together and brought smiles to my kids faces that last a life time.

They had so much fun and this was simple colored bubbles and bath paint.

The joy that is brought to your child(ren) face by taking alittle extra step to add some fun to a bath or play is priceless and remember life is short you never know what tomorrow will hold.

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