Friday, December 14, 2012

10 things to do with Peppermint extract

This time of the year there are so many things you can do to bring the smell of Christmas to the air, well we have been doing alot of fun things with Peppermint this holiday season. So I gathered our list of fun things and wanted to share all in one place.

Below you will fine some pictures and a link listed below, click on the link and it will tell you all about each craft, sensory play or food making we did.

Add to shaving cream to make a fun sensory play or fun time themed bath
Scented gingerbread sensory

Add to your art work or paint
Scented snowflake ornament

When making salt dough ornaments

Scented salt dough ornaments

Homemade salt glitter
DIY...scented glitter

Cloud dough sensory play

Scented cloud dough

Homemade play dough or store bought play-doh
Scented play dough

Add to cool whip and make your own Peppermint Ice cream sandwiches cream sandwiches

You can add it to slime like we did with Kool-Aid to make Christmas slime.
Scented slime

Make your own scented puff paint. I didn't do a post on this but the recipe we used can be found here at Mama Miss and all you need to do is add 1tsp peppermint extract.

Check out Mama Miss fun puff paint picture and how to make.

Add it to rice for a fun Christams sensory play. We love Kool-aid rice.

Be sure to check out Mama Miss to see how to make fun Kool-aid rice.

If you have never added scent to play or crafts, you should really try it kids love it and it is fun.

Be sure to check out all the fun things you can do with Kool-aid  and Food coloring as well. They are inexpensive and so much fun to add to play.

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  1. wow! so many great ideas here! thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase this week!