Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kids weather station

"J" has really been into the whole weather thing. How does it feel outside today? Where is Mr. Sun? Is it still Summer or Fall now mom? The list could go on and on.

As parents we know how the WHY question goes.

So I made this weather station for him and he can change it each day. What I like about this is it was an easy and  inexpensive weather station to make.  Also, it is great to have the pictures next to the words, due to helps with learning the sight of the word.

I bought this set at the Dollar Tree. Left all the signs together and laminated it so all "J" has to do is move the clip(can use a clothes pin as well). Then were it says "Today's weather is", I write it in the blank.

Total thing with laminate cost less than $2.00

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