Friday, October 19, 2012

Learning number bath with Ghost and song

We did a Fall leaf counting tree  in the bath last week and "J" and "C" had so much fun they played with it all week long in the bath. It was so cute listening to "J" explain what number was what to her.

I think the part that really surprised me was "C" who just turned 2 picking up on the number recognition. Crazy she is counting to 10 and can tell you some of the numbers by sight.

So I put together another fun number bath. Found the ghost, trees and sign all in the Dollar section at Target. So this cost me $3.00 cause the trees we used for the Fall bath and I just colored them black with a sharpie.

Song we sang: (Tune is to Are you Sleeping?)
Catching Ghost
catching ghost
One by one
one by one
Grab number (blank)
grab number (blank)
And run, run, run

Again from the pictures you can see they had a blast.

They love this!!

Loved how "C" was trying to do what BIG brother was doing.
 Above after "J" found all the numbers we lined them up and placed them in order.
The "J" sat on the ghost and said, "they are hiding" 2nd picture took them all and said "BOO".

If you like the learning baths, make sure to check back soon. Have several more to come, my little one's love this.

Note you can also do this with felt and project board to make a fun activity center or use for circle time in a preschool/school.
Here is one we did on a project board. Apple tree learning

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