Friday, February 10, 2012

Alphabet fun matching center

I found an awesome site that has some great free printables. Click here to check them out I made a fun center for my son to practice learning site of the alphabet. I printed the flash cards, then laminated them.

One game is matching the clothes pins to the flash cards.

Second game is matching the flash cards to the Alphabet chart....I placed velcro on the chart and on the back of the flash cards.

These 2 projects cost me less than $5.00.
Flash again to
Clothes pins.....Dollar Tree....$1.00
Alphabet poster....Lakeshore Learning...$1.80
Laminating.....$1.10...Lakeshore Learning, this is the part that could cost the most if you don't know an inexpensive place to laminate.


This also a great center to have in the classroom as well.

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