Saturday, October 6, 2012

Boiling Skeleton Soup Sensory Play

"J" and "C" have really loved playing all different ways with the Halloween party pack toys from Dollar Tree this year.

They love playing with vinegar and baking soda so I took it out today for another fun sensory play.

I poured vinegar and alittle kool-aid for color in the recycled bottles we had saved for pretend play, then placed baking soda containers on the table. They went to town.

Also, if you want to not use so much vinegar you can add alittle water to it and you will still get the bubbling.

The kids had a blast and you can tell by the pictures.

***Also, if you are close to a Thrift store, Goodwill or Salvation Army, check those places out for cheap Halloween play. I have scored some fun things from them.***

Pouring bottles (we used recycled ones)
Baking soda
Kool-aid or food coloring (optional)
Halloween toys

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