Wednesday, October 24, 2012

50+ fun and different themed sensory play

Sensory play is such a GREAT way for little ones to explore and learn about what is around them. So what better way for them to learn and explore then setting up a different themed sensory bin.

I know there are some parents out there that think this is too messy and too time consuming, but trust me if you have never done it please just do it one time and see the joy it will bring to your kid(s) face. Also, the hours of fun play!!

Below I listed some sensory bins we have done and other moms as well,  to get you started if your not sure how to go about setting one up.

We set our sensory bins up in our water table, a clear tub and also we got a cement mixing bin from Home Depot $5.00(we have got SO much use out of that, well worth the money).

Halloween sensory bin

Dinosaur sensory bin with volcano
Alphabet ice sensory play

Firework bubble sensory bin
Pirate sensory pool play

Bug digging sensory bin

Ice sensory bin

                    Below are some amazing mom blogger's sharing their fun Themed Sensory Play

Mama Miss shared several themed sensory bins with us, have to say this Sea Life sensory is one of my favorites.
Below are some more of her fun sensory bins be sure to check them out.

Spring time sensory
Dinosaur Digging sensory bin
Seek-n-Find Fall

I love this fun Fire Sensory bin that was used for Fire prevention. Thanks for sharing The Good Long Road

Make sure to check out her fun Bee sensory bin as well.

Here is a fun Bug sensory bin from Teaching Preschool
Love how she left the bugs out and let the kids add them.

These Messy sensory bins look like ALOT of fun you have to check out Dirt and Boogers
she has alot of fun making sensory bins for her little guy.
Below are several more that she put together.

Jello sensory
Frogs and rocks
Easter sensory bin great way to have Easter fun
Fun sensory box with a slide so fun
Red, White and Blue fun way to teach colors.

What a clever sensory bin for learning Bird nest sensory bin you have to check out the other fun
learning sensory bins over at Train Up a Child she has great ideas.
Below are the links to check them out.

Frog sensory bin I love the way this one turned out
Ocean wonders sensory bin another awesome one
Yellow sensory bin great way to teach colors.
Night and Day sensory bin another great way to teach

Here is a fun colorful Fruit loop sensory bin from Love, Play, Learn she has several more below, make sure you don't miss them.

Rainbow spaghetti sensory bin what a fun way to teach the rainbow
July 4th sensory bin very fun
Halloween witch brew sensory bin love this one so fun

How fun a Farm sensory bin what a great way to teach the little ones about animals
Living Life Intentionally has some great and fun learning sensory bins
Be sure to check them out below

Space sensory bin This is so cool...LOVE this
Bug sensory another fun one
Snow sensory bin using shaving cream.
Fall sensory bin

Now how creative is this cute Hedgehog sensory bin ,The Imagination Tree has ALOT of sensory bin ideas and really cool ones
I picked some of my favorites make sure you look at all of her sensory bins.

Waterbeads sea side sensory bin so colorful
Pretend baking sensory bin another bin I love
Christmas sensory tub
Flowers and Faries sesnory bin love all that she comes up with.

Snowy wonderland sensory bin fun and easy way to enjoy Winter.
I love that Royal Baloo keeps it simple, but yet you can tell her boys have ALOT of fun.
Below are some more fun sensory bins they have done.

Dinosaur Sensory bin
Fall and Halloween sensory bin I LOVE THIS MIX!!

I love this idea of a Tea and Coffee sensory bin
Creative Playhouse has some creative sensory bins love them all.
Click below to check out the other sensory bins she has done.

Small world of ocean sensory bin
Small world reptiles

3Dinosaurs did an AWESOME job on their Space sensory bin Below are some of the other fun sensory bin they have done.

Halloween sensory bin
Fall sensory bin
American Revolution sensory bin

Little blue truck sensory bin great idea to tie sensory bin in with a book.
See Vanessa Craft

Great way to learn numbers Counting sensory binConnecting Family and Seoul is a fun site make sure you check out the other fun
things she is doing with her little guy.

Chicken themed sensory bin

The Lorax sensory bin by In Lieu of Preschool
if you have not checked this blog out you should fun stuff.
Below is another one of her sensory bins

Pretend cooking

Also, thanks to all the Mama's for sharing their fun sensory bin. They are all AWESOME.
Make sure you check them all out so you don't miss anything.

Thanks for stopping by to see what fun stuff we are doing. If you like what you see please come and follow us over on FB and Pinterest, would love to have you. Also, please feel free to share the fun things you are doing with us.


  1. Fantastic round up. I had not yet seen the tea and coffee tray from Creative Playhouse. I love it! Thanks for including us. :)

    1. Thank you!! You are always so sweet. Love your stuff.

  2. Great list! Thank you for sharing our bins!