Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hand print place mat keepsake

We took a Fall nature walk the other day to gather some pretty colorful leaves.  We made a fun keepsake place mat with the leaves and did a hand print turkey in the center.

This is a fun and easy craft to do with the kids.

Paper cut to the size you want
Mod Podge glue
Paint (we used brown cause we made a turkey hand print) this is optional as well
Paint brush

Then we laminated it. I took it to Staples and they did it for free but think it would have cost around $2.00. (Ask when you go if they give free samples cause you want to do it for a class project or say it is for a school)

To put together you just put your hand print on the paper, then glue the leaves.

NOTE: You don't want to let the leaves sit too long cause they get crispy and will crack when you laminate.

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