Monday, September 17, 2012

Halloween witch jello/ice sensory play

"J" is really getting into the spooky theme of Halloween. He loves all the spiders, skeletons, scary eyeballs and witch stuff.

So I made some orange and green jello the night before. Then placed some of the little spooky party toys in ice trays and made spooky ice.

The next day we took it out and the kids had fun playing and mixing it all up.

Fun and easy!!

Jello (whatever colors you want to use)
Party toys (Dollar Tree) you get 40 or more in the packages except the eyeballs it's 12 for $1.00.
Ice trays or containers

"J" loved the eyeballs.

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  1. love this. I have been wanting to freeze the hallowwen toys in the ice cubes and now that I see yours and how cute they are I really want to try it:-) Jaime@FSPDT