Monday, July 2, 2012

50+ fun things to do for Summer

Summer is a time to have fun with your kids and make endless memories. So I put together just some of the fun things you can do with your kids that are inexpensive. Be sure to check back from time to time cause I will add things as we do them. Happy Summer!!

1. Play in the water....add color, bubbles, toys make it fun.

2. Visit a National Park
4. Plant a garden using the seeds you had from fruits/veggies you ate
5. Make a tent in the house, use a sheet and cloths pins, even spice it up and have lunch in the tent.
6. Visit a farmers market
7. Go to story time at the Library
9. Make a wind chime out of recycled veggie cans
10. Go to the beach

11. Visit a local park
12. Check for free kids bowling
13. Play soccer, baseball, etc in the yard or at a local park
14. Check to see if there are free movies for kids
15. Go pick flowers
16. Nature walk
19. Check local newspaper for free events
20. Cook with you kids
21. Make a reading tent or read outside under a shaded tree
22. Have movie day/night at home
23. Go fishing
24. Throw rocks in a pond
25. Make sun tea
27. Play dress-up
28. Go for a bike ride
29. Have a play date with friends
30. Host a tea party
31. Have friends over for back yard fun.....set up a ring toss, do water balloon toss, stack and squirt the plastic cups over, do sack races
33. Go to a local dock and watch boats
34. Go for a ride and play I spy
35. Go berry picking
Find a place in your area Pick your own
36. Check to see if local Home Depot or Lowe's has free building for kids.(Normally on Saturday)
37. Climb trees or make a tree fort
39. Do a scavenger hunt with the kids
40. Make a treasure map, hide some treasure and have the kids find it.
41. Check to see if local hobby store(Michael's, Hobby Lobby, ect) has free events for kids
42. Go to the splash pad or look for local water fun for free in the area.
43. Make your own play recipes Goop, paint, slime...etc
44. Pretend, house, school, and ect.
46. Make play-doh cupcakes.....make pretend food, cut shapes, cut it with a plastic knife to help build fine motor skills.
47. Color, paint or draw
48. Cut things out of a magazine and make a collage
49. Play in the sprinkler
50. Chalk play
51. Ice Play
54. Paint Rocks
55. Go out and about and take pictures to make a scrapbook
56. Chase birds in the park

59. Feed the ducks....use old bread or get $1.00 bread from the Dollar Store
60. Play in rain puddles
Hope you and your family will be able to do some or all of the things listed.

Thanks for stopping by to see what fun stuff we are doing. If you like what you see please come and follow us over on FB andPinterest, would love to have you. Also, please feel free to share the fun things you are doing with us.


  1. What is forgot to mention is that it is great to go out with kids to theatre :) Just because it is not only funny, but also helpful. For my family going to performances is like tradition :) We even have a list of our favourite performances, you can see it here- Restoranai Klaipedoje :) Just try, and I guarantee you will not regret :)

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