Friday, July 20, 2012

Coffee filter sunflower learning craft

We went berry picking last week and they had a flower garden you could cut your own flowers from. J was so into it and was asking how flowers grow so this week I did a craft with him.

We made a sunflower out of coffee filters and added seeds, leaves and roots to it. Then to have him practice with more writing I had him label the parts.

We were making this craft and he said "Mom, you come up with such cool things." It's so nice from time to time to know your kids are really enjoying the thing you do with them.

Yellow food coloring
Coffee filters (we used 4 stuck together)
Black beans (used as the seeds)
Green pipe cleaner (2 twisted as the stem and 1 cut in half for the leaves)
1 piece of brown paper (roots)

Momma's little flowers

The BIG sunflower in the garden.

J clipping the flowers from the farm.

Look mom got one for my little boy!!

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