Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sensory water bag fun for HOT day

Saw this fun DIY sensory water bag from formerly "The mommies made me do it"

Then we had a play date with them and got to do it in person. The kids had a blast.

So we thought since Meme(grandma) has a big yard we would do this when we visited Fl for the 4th of July.

Again the kids had a blast. Got the materials that were needed and put it together to have some fun in the sun.

Materials needed:
Heavy duty plastic.....painter section at Home Depot
Duck tape we used 1 roll but I would get 2 for extra
Food coloring for extra color, but you need alot we used 1 bottle and work for alittle.

How to make:
Open plastic have a seam on one side and then tape 3 sides, before you tape we folded to seal better. We also taped each side 2 times to hold better.

Tried to make a Flag but ran out of tape to make the stripes.

Taping the sides up

Filling it up with the water

You can see the blue food coloring here.

J couldn't stay off of it why we were trying to fill it up


  1. Oh how fun! We loved this too! I hope you and your family had a wonderful 4th of July! :)

  2. can you tell me exactly how to do the edges? Do you line the edges up, then fold over and tape? Or do you you pull one side longer than the other and tape? I bought the stuff but want to make sure that I do it right! :) Thanks!

    1. When I did it I double folded the ends then duck taped it twice to make it sturdy. 2 rolls of duck is best. I only used 1 roll and ran our could have used more. Make sure the plastic is the heavy duty. Hope you guys have fun. Would love to see the fun you have if you want to post pics on FB.

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