Monday, July 16, 2012

Homemade birdhouse feeder

Fun and inexpensive craft to make with kids and then look for different animals that come to eat from the feeder.

We made bird feeders several months ago out of  recycled items and they didn't last thru the weather very well. So when we were in the Dollar Tree couple weeks ago I picked up a couple bird houses so the kids could make reuse able bird feeders.

The kids took peanut butter and spread it on the wood house then sprinkled bird seed on it. It worked out great and we had some birds and even squirrels

Peanut Butter
Bird seed
Wooden house

Tonight we hung them off the deck and J got to see the squirrel eating the peanut butter and seeds. I tried to get a picture, but they are way too fast for me.


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  1. What a great idea! If we didn't have cats I would make these for the birds who come to our garden.

  2. Oh this is brilliant and so much more doable than the usual kind of bird feeder you see, thanks so much for sharing

  3. Love this. We love to fing new ways to feed the birds. stopping by from kids co-op thanks for sharing. going to fb it etc... Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails

  4. This would be so much fun to do with my little niece and nephew. It would even be fun to watch the squirrel go after the peanut butter on it. This will be our next family night for sure.
    Cynthia | |

  5. What a fun little project to do with my little kids. It looks like a lot of fun and would be super easy for my children. I'm excited to try this and see how it turns out. Thanks for the fun activity that I'm sure will keep my children busy for a whole day.

  6. I'm looking for a bird feeder that will last a while. I don't really want to make one I just want to buy one. I hope someone can help me find a good bird feeder.

  7. My wife has always loved birds and all the little creatures that visit our backyard. It would be super fun to surprise her with a set of bird feeders to install in our trees. Is there a style or brand that works efficiently to feed the birds and other yard creatures?

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