Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Volcano Fun

                        V is for Volcano

Well I have been trying to tie a craft into learning the site of the Alphabet and my son is HOOKED on doing the baking soda and vinegar. I think we go thru at least 4 small things of baking soda a week and always have a gallon of vinegar on hand.

Mr. Science is his new name always wanting to mix something up, must be the boy in him. But the funny thing is he doesn't like to get his hands messy unless it is cooking related and sometimes not even then.

So here is our home made Volcano:

paper mache....bought from Micheal's, was a mix that you just add water
small tray
small cup

Baking soda

paint if you want to paint it.....we didn't

How to do:
Mix paper mache like it tells you. Then I just put the small cup in the center of the tray and formed the Volcano.
My son added the rocks and cut pieces off the bushes outside.
Then let it sit in the sun for 1-2 days til dry. Ours was alittle damp at the bottom but my son kept talking about doing the Volcano so I gave in.....3 yr old

Then to make Volcano erupt you need baking soda, vinegar and we added red food coloring for the lava.

Mixing the paper mache and warm water together.

Forming the Volcano

As you can see momma is doing the messy work

Ok I will help but with the spoon.....not touching that mess

Adding the rocks

Adding the trees

Eruption Time

Adding the baking soda

Vinegar in the syringe

Look at that face....every time!! His favorite part

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