Thursday, May 31, 2012

Outside sensory baking fun

We took cake baking outside to do some more pretend baking sensory. My son loves, doing all this outside sensory cooking. It was so cute, to he said, "Mommy I am so glad it is not winter and we can play outside doing fun things again."

So I gathered the stuff we needed and FUN is what we had.

Materials we used:
Cake mix
Raspberry shaving cream for the smell
Gummy worms
Sweet Tarts
Eggs(yellow paint for center)
Colored salt as sprinkles
Star baking tins

The stuff we used was left over stuff. Several items have been used other times for different projects. The eggs I used are real and I cracked the top and drained them out, then used yellow paint inside to make it like an egg. Thought this would be neat cause J always wants to crack the eggs when we are baking for real and we don't want to eat egg

Strawberries I had him cut the stems off to practice fine motor skills.

Can you tell they are ready!!!

Pouring all the ingredients in the bowl......cake mix, water, and oil(baby oil we used)
"J" cracking the egg.....he thought the was too cool. Placed yellow paint in the inside.

Cutting up the strawberries...."J" did such a great job

Mixing up the cut strawberries

Putting all the batter in the cake tins

Putting all the toppings on his cakes.....gummy worms, sweet tarts, candles, and sprinkles

"J" loved the smell of the raspberry shaving cream

"C" was having a blast, she loved playing in the dough.

Love her face, so into it.....I have to laugh cause "J" would never do this doesn't like his hands dirty.

We love the warmer months, so we can have alot of fun sensory play!!!

"J" is too funny he was saying EAT......yuck mommy said.

Love when my little boy is happy!!!

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