Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun sensory spaghetti play

The kids love mixing up stuff and pretend baking with real food, so I put together this fun spaghetti play.

First you need to cook the spaghetti noodles, I cooked the whole pack, but you don't need to. Then I mixed up a red kool-aid packet with salt for the kids to make the sauce(once you add a little water when playing it turns the pasta red like the sauce does). Then I crushed up old graham crackers to make parmesan cheese(saved the parmesan cheese container to put it in, so it seemed real). Last, we got a small thing of play-doh(brown) and made meatballs.

Mix all together and have at least a hour, if not more of play for less than $3.00

They had a blast doing this, and I had fun playing with them. J was serving me spaghetti and we made the meatballs together.

You can get everything you need from The Dollar Tree, great resource for cheap play cooking items for the kids.

Still can't believe how real this looks.

"C" had so much fun, being 19 months she is not always into it.

"J" was having fun to, his favorite part was pretend cooking the meatballs.

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