Friday, May 11, 2012

Pretend building imaginary play

My son was playing on the deck today and kept coming in and out to get his tools, so I asked him what are you doing, "Mom, I am building a deck like the guys next door."

So I walked with him to the deck and he said, "Mom you can't go out here you might fall I am not finished building." Too funny and he had his cones blocking the door way to not come outside.

This age is so much fun with imaginary play. Love the things they come up with.

Every time the guys used their tool, Jake picked up the one like it and used his. Then later that day he came inside after the men went home and said, "Mom I need some wood so I can mark and cut it for tomorrow." He was really into watching the deck process.

After Jake played a little we sat down and measured the wood with the tape measure. Marked different numbers on the wood. Also, talked about what each tool and how to use them.