Friday, June 1, 2012

Marshmallow-Oatmeal mud pie sensory

We have been having a blast doing all this outside cooking/baking with real food sensory fun. So I gathered some leftover stuff we had in the pantry and we had some fun.

I wasn't sure how "C" would do with all this, cause she was a baby last year when "J" and I had fun doing some sensory play.

Well have to say "C" has really enjoyed this cooking/baking sensory play this week. She loved getting her hands all messy. "J" at times doesn't like his hands all dirty, that is why you will see him using spoon all the time not touching most of it. I think I did some of that mess stuff to him cause I was always whipping his hands when he was younger, you know that 1st time mother

Materials: See picture below

We didn't use all the Hershey Cocoa Powder maybe 1 cup, still had alot left. Also, the oatmeal we use only a cup or two.

This is why we play with real food cause "C" thinks she need to try everything.

"J" is using the airplane in this picture.

Love this picture, "J" got his candy dispenser with the airplane on it that the propeller goes round and used it as a his imagination.

"C" went to one of the sensory tables and made mud water with her mix, liked pouring it back and forth.

I love the bond my son and daughter have!!!


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    What ingredients did you use and how much??
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