Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kids bucket list 2012

Well I know Summer doesn't start til June 20th, but it is HOT enough to be Summer, so we are going to start our bucket list fun.

This will be the first year we are doing a Summer bucket list, have to say I am alittle excited.

Once we do the fun things will put a link next to it for you to follow, we look forward to sharing our adventures and fun things with you.


1. Play putt putt golf
2. Go to a carnival, ride the Ferris wheel
3. Go to the Crayola Factory in Pa.
4. Go whale watching in NH
5. Play in a creek
6. Make colored sand play
7. Nature walk
8. Log cabin camping
9. Mud pie fun
10. Make a car wash with pvc pipe
11. Garden sensory fun
12. Pretend/real food play
13. Visit 3 new water parks
14. Make a hot air balloon
15. Ice play
16. Ride our bikes on the boardwalk at the beach
17. Rent a boat, spend day on the river
18. Do sparklers, watch fireworks
19. Visit a new Zoo
20. Road trip
21. Camp fire(roast hot dogs and make smores)
22. Fishing
23. Visit Port Discovery, Baltimore
24. Make snow cones
25. Go to indoor water park
26. Play some family games
27. Plant flowers
28. Colored bubble fun
29. Throw pennies in fountains
30. Make tin can craft
31. Make some fun crafts on the cricut(my son loves cutting on this)
32. Visit a Science center
33. Go to a Peach Festival
34. Go on a picnic
35. Play in the rain
36. Mommy/son day, movie and dinner
37. Take fun beach pictures
38. Blackberry/blueberry picking
39. Make a BIG strawberry ice cream sundae
40. Make something fun with jello
41. Make a message in a bottle and throw it to sea
42. Make a scrapbook
43. Watch sail boats
44. Paint
45. Tuesday Treats all summer
46. Make a BIG tent, have nap in it
47. Make sun tea
48.Visit National Aquarium, Baltimore
49. Make some fun learning games for kiddie pool
50.Make fruit tea or lemonade

Thanks for stopping by to see what fun stuff we are doing. If you like what you see please come and follow us over on FB and Pinterest, would love to have you. Also, please feel free to share the fun things you are doing with us.