Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pretend baking materials with real food

Alot of people like to do sensory play with their kids and the kids love it to. So I thought it would be a good thing to put a list and places we buy the stuff for cheap.

We have been doing pretend play with different things for awhile, my son loves to cook. The funny thing is he doesn't like to get messy, where my daughter is the opposite.

I try to recycle alot of the containers for the kids to play with so it doesn't get expensive. I also go to Thrift Stores to get old cooking items as well.

The Dollar Tree is a great place to start!! They have bowls, measuring cup, utensils, salt/pepper shakers and more. Once you buy that stuff you are good then if it gets to messy or cracks then trash it and wasn't too much out of your pocket.

You can get started with the basic stuff for less than $15.

Also, The Dollar Tree has alot of cheap ingredients to play with as well.
Cake mix
 Cocoa mix
 Food coloring
 Whip cream
 Gummy candies
Baby Oil....this is cheaper than cooking oil for the kids to use, plus it smells good.

This is just some of the things we have gotten.

Summer time is a good time to stock up, due to party planning and they seem to have alittle more in my opinion.

Wal-Mart is another place I buy some of the food items, like rice you can buy in bulk, flour, and kool-aid you have a bigger selection. I do price compare alittle.

Hope this helps some and stay tune will be posting some fun things to cook/bake up with the kiddos for fun.

The shakers are filled with colored salt to use as sprinkles.

These pictures are just some of the things we have so you have alittle of an idea.

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