Saturday, June 16, 2012

30 fun things to do with the kids this summer

With summer right around the corner thought I would share 30 fun things we have done, so you and the kiddo's can try them out. Hope you have a great summer and stay cool.

Throw pennies in a fountain
Make bird feeder's

Wash the riding toys in the sensory bucket

Ice art

Boat race down the creek

Splash pad

Watch the boats from the harbour

Nature bike ride

Make your own popsicle's
Nature walk.....explore the outdoors

Berry berries, black berries, strawberries and more
Look up in your area
Chase bird in the park
Let the kid's take pictures and then make a book with them
Climb a tree

Have family game night

Go eat a cupcake.....treat day

Fill the kiddie pool with balls for fun. 

Water play....fill the pool with the sprinkler

Who doesn't love bubbles? Do bubbles in the park, on the deck, in the bath, anywhere for fun. 

Play in the creek.

Make shaving cream paint
Make a fun sensory themed Pirate fun
Colored water tea party

Ice cream shaving cream fun
Make pie with the kiddo's after you pick the fruit.

Firework Bubbles...make colorful bubbles and play in them.
Make a fun treat together
Visit the Zoo and feed the animals
Make your own pully with rope and a bucket

Go to the beach

Summer time is fun to explore different things outside. Hope you have a great summer.

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