Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pizza Time sensory

Well who doesn't love Pizza? Have to say this was a fun sensory play, from rolling the dough, to throwing it in the air, and having our own pizza shop. This is a must try.

Went to The Dollar Tree the other day for my weekly run of fun things to gather for projects, came across pizza sauce, pizza pans, oregano and pepperoni and a light went off in my head, hey we could use some of the left over spaghetti as the cheese, so I got all the stuff. We always have flour on hand for the fun things we like to do.

Put it all together and we had a fun pizza party on the deck.

"J's" favorite part I think was throwing the dough in the air, he laughed every time. The sound of a kids laugh is so priceless.

For less than $5.00 you can do this fun sensory and pretend play with your kiddos. Trust me they will like it. Tonight at bedtime my son said, "Mommy can we do that pizza fun again tomorrow."

 We didn't even use all the pepperoni you get 2 packets for $1.00. The pizza sauce as well only used half. Flour we only used 3 cups. Pizza Pans are reusable and oregano well there is still a lot left as well. So really for less than $5.00 you can have multiple sensory plays with it.

I love that the two of them are sitting so close working together

Making the dough

"C" trying to make her own dough

"J" was not into the gooey part
Cheese and sauce time (we used cut up spaghetti noodles for the cheese)

Priceless FUN!!!

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