Friday, March 23, 2012

Alphabet Bath Learning

We have been working on the sight of the Alphabet with my 3 yr old, so tonight at bath I thought hey he will think he is having fun in the tub instead of learning. So I made a game with the foam letter. Then when I would pick a letter up I would say where does the blank go and he would say the letter and match it up. We did upper and lower case. I got these foam pieces from the Dollar Tree.

It's funny cause lately with learning the sight of the alphabet he will tell you the wrong letter on purpose to get us going trying to stop the game we make up with him. The other night he told my husband, Daddy I just want to play I am too small to learn. Have to give it to him he is a silly little cookie.

He loved the game and did good. Still have to work on 5 of them but he did suprise me that he knew as many as he did.

M is for Mommy......J said

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