Saturday, March 31, 2012

Make your own Easter basket

Well I saw this thing in a magazine several years ago and thought that is cute. The took a recycled container and made a pen/marker hold out of it but it looked like a basket. So I have been recycling my daughter's formula containers waiting to come up with something and I did.

I made the kids an Easter basket out of them. Easy as 1,2,3. Poked 2 holes on the side of the container with scissors, then placed the color pipe cleaner in them as the handle, then got colored paper and cute it to the size (had to use 2 sheets to wrap all the way around). Glued then used stickers to decorate.

Fun easy and cheap. I had all the materials on hand so cost me those projects.
Can before covered, can covered, and then stickers son wanted Pirates.

2 side views and the back

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