Saturday, March 3, 2012

National Air & Space Museum

                          Fun in D.C.
Today we had a fun family day!! We took the kids to the National Air & Space Museum for the the 1st time. J loved it thought all the airplanes were cool....I asked him what was your favorite part and he said seeing the airplane with the spare tires.
The things that kids find so interesting is pretty funny. Back in December Daddy had a flat tire and so I told J we had to meet him to get it fixed. Ever since then he has been all into this spare tire thing.

There was a plane you could get in and pretend and they loved it.

J loved all the hands on things

Turning the wheel
J was having a blast throwing pennies......he loves water
J and C wanted to go climb the ladder with the astronauts.

J and C throwing pennies

She was telling Daddy more....she liked throwing the pennies to.

Space Monkey....J's new friend that came home with us today.


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