Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sensory dirt fun

Today it was a rainy day so I thought that I would bring the outside fun inside. Got a large tote and filled it up with potting soil and added some garden/digging tools. The kids had a blast. I also gave my son some seeds and he placed them in the soil like he was planting a garden. They spent an hour playing in the soil and digging.

My son (3 yrs) loved playing with the water making mud with the soil. My daugther (16 months) loved scooping up the soil and putting it all over the floor and rubbing her hands in it. The funny thing is you would think the boy would be all about getting dirty and it was the girl who wanted to do that.

What's needed for the project: it from Family Dollar for $3.00
tote/large bucket.....$5.00
spoons, digging tool....picked up some from the Thrift store

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