Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Float/sink/freeze/melt project

Tonight before we went to bed we did alittle Science with (J), since we are going to have a cold night below freezing. This is going to teach sinking, floating, freezing and then it will melt.

Materials: Disposable tin, small piece of rope, 1 orange(cut up), cranberries, water and parts of nature(we used cut up pieces of the wreath from X-mas)

J putting the orange pieces in the tin. This is the sinking part.

Adding the water so he see's the orange sinks

Adding the cranberries and they float

Pieces of the wreath or nature this is extra gives it that outdoors look.

As you can see his face he is very happy with his project.
Now hope it freezes over night.

Below is the finished project after it freezes....hang it up and the animals can eat at it.

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