Friday, September 14, 2012

Counting flower fun in the bath

We have been working on recognizing numbers and counting. The other day I was in Michael's looking for some things and marked on clearance were these Alex garden rub dub foam stickers.

I thought $4.99 was way better than $14.99 so I picked them up, really thinking of using them for my daughter. Great eye/hand coordination for a toddler.

Then "J" wanted to play with them in the tub, so I made a counting game out of it. We put the garden together, then I added numbers above them with a dry erase on the tile(wiped right off), then I would ask him where is the # and he would pick the flower for me.

Was a fun bath.

 As you can see from the pictures above he had a great time playing this game, and the best part about it he was learning!! Love when you can tie learning into FUN.

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  1. Ohhh.. I like these a lot! I put them and a couple other sets on V's amazon wish list. Thanks for the counting idea too! I always love to throw in lessons with play! Good thinking.

    1. Thanks!! They are fun, if you have a Michael's near you they were on clearence at ours. Cheaper than amazon.