Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Turkey word ending and matching bath learning

We have been doing learning games in the bath for awhile and I didn't do one last week due to the storm (Sandy) and then traveling, so last night "J" said mom when are we going to do a fun learning bath.

So we did, I got out the turkey's I bought on sale at Micheal's and then cut out some feathers and made a matching game with word endings.

"J" had a fun time, and I have to say he was really into learning and pronouncing the words with me.

If you have a little one that is having a hard time focusing with learning for math, reading or writing taking the time to do this in the bath is a great way to bond and help your kid learn.

It's a hands on thing and alot of kids like that way of learning.

Word ending we used:
 "OP" with the words cop, mop, top, and hop
"AN" with words man, ran, tan, fan, and can
"AT" with words sat, hat, cat, mat, and fat

After we played the game in the tub, I came back in the bath room and "J' matched them up again and thought it was too cool they floated. Different way to learn as well.
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  1. Oh, very fun!! Love bath activities! Thank you so much for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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