Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Number stamping....turned into fun

It was alittle cool outside today so I took out the stamps and foam numbers to let the kids have alittle stamping fun. We are working on the sight of the numbers with my 3yr old and I thought this would be fun with him since he like doing the letters.

Well have to say the kids had fun. Stamped alittle numbers and the started doing their feet all over the paper. They are a trip. My 18 month old daughter started it cause she is the little mischief one. My son thought is was funny and he followed.

Hey it's all about FUN!!!

This is where they started with the numbers.

My son does his hand prints and you can see in the back my daugther is taking her socks

The fun starts

Yes she is standing in the ink pad

She was amking sure her hands and feet were dirty

Look at all those little feet.

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