Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bubble goop letter learning

Goop and bubbles are fun to play with so we mixed them together to make a fun sensory letter learning.

I took our letter ice trays and made colored ice with them and then added it to our play. You can also use the dollar letter magnets that are plastic they work great as well.

Simple, fun and learning at the same time.

You can buy the ice trays here. Letter Ice Trays There is a lot you can do with these trays from sensory play to bath play.

 Cate made alphabet soup

Making the ARRR sound for the letter "R"

As Cate would pick out the letters we would say the sound along with the letter.

She loved it.

Below are some other fun sensory ways we worked on letters in the past.

Be sure to check our Alphabet learning section for over 50 different fun ways to learn the alphabet.

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  1. featuring this on the kids co-op! thnx 4 linking up:)

  2. Love the idea! I'm going to have to get those letter ice trays!

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