Friday, September 21, 2012

P is for Pumpkin

We just craved our 1st pumpkin of the season and I saved the seeds to do some fun crafts with. I had a foam pumpkin from a set of 5 Fall cut-outs from the Dollar Tree.

So I wrote an uppercase and lowercase "P" on the pumpkin and had "J" cover them with pumpkin seeds.

You can cut a pumpkin out on paper or foam, then just write a "P" in the center and have the kids glue the pumpkin seeds on the top, if you don't have a foam pumpkin.

Pumpkin shape (paper or foam)
Pumpkin seeds

This is a fun project to do with preschoolers and even a toddler can do this. "C" who is almost 2 glued the pumpkin seeds to a paper plate.

If you like this make sure to check back, cause we will be doing more fun Halloween crafts.  Here are some that we have already done.  Terra cotta pumpkin pots, Spider keepsake handprints, and Paper plate witch

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