Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Recycled light bulb turned into a snowman

We have been doing fun things snowman related, cause we started the Christmas season watching Frosty the Snowman after Thanksgiving. So below is a fun craft to make with the kids. You do some and they do some. Then you have a fun and cute ornament to hang on the tree. That was created with bonding between the family.

Light bulb
White pipe cleaners (2)
Acyclic paint (white)
Glue gun
Sharpie black and orange (for the mouth and nose)
Heavy glue
Goggly eyes(can draw on if you want)
2 sticks for the arms (kids picked them when we went on a walk)

To make it follow these steps:
Paint the light bulb white first, then once it is dry glue the white pipe cleaner around the top and the stick arms using the glue gun, then add the googly eyes and buttons(kids can do this part with heavy glue).

*Older kids can help but just make sure you are watching them with the glue gun.

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Be sure to check back this week will have more fun to add.

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